Spring 2014 Photo Days

Parents, Volunteer Coaches, and Team Managers:

Photo Days are coming up!  Please read the following information carefully!  Then see the link to the photo order form at the bottom of this page.

Spring 2014 Photo Days will be held on three Saturdays as follows:

All SCFC teams are welcome to have their photos taken at the Photo Days.  Also, players on teams that are not having group photos taken are also welcome to have their individual photos taken.  

Photo Day Instructions for Volunteer Coaches and Team Managers

An e-mail has been sent by the SCFC Photo Coordinator to volunteer coaches and team managers with information on how to sign up their teams.  Coaches and team managers: If you did not receive it, e-mail photocoord@spacecityfc.org.  Volunteer coaches and team managers will select a single time slot for their team's group and individual player photosIMPORTANT - Volunteer coaches and team managers are responsible for notifying their team families about the day, time and location selected.  We recommend that players arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your time slot, but the coach or team manager will specify.  We recommend that players wear their home game uniform, but the volunteer coach or team manager will specify what color the players are to wear.

Photo Day Instructions for Individuals on Teams That Are Not Having Group Photos Taken

If your team or age group pool is not signing up for Photo Days, your individual player can still have his or her photo taken at any of the Photo Days. You just need to show up during the Photo Day operating hours shown above.

Photo Pick Up Procedures

Volunteer coaches and team managers, or their designated representatives, ONLY can pick up photos for their teams on photo pick up day.  We will not open up team orders to pull out individuals photos.  Coaches, team managers, or their designated representatives will distribute the photos to individual families. The only exception to this is that parents of players whose teams did not have group photos taken can also pick up individual photos.  Photo Pick Up Day for Coaches, TMs, designated team representatives, or for individuals on teams that did not have group photos taken is Saturday, April 26 at League City Sportsplex (in the Red Pavilion by Field 2) from 9am-4pm.

Photos not picked up on this day will be taken to the SCFC office at 2750 W. Main, Suite B in League City for subsequent pick up ONLY by the coach, team manager or their designee, or parents of individual players whose teams did not have group photos taken.  They can be picked up during normal office hours on M/T/TH from 12-5pm.

Photo Mail Delivery Options for Teams or Individuals

  • Volunteer coaches and team managers: You can elect to have your team's photos mailed to you for $25.  If you want this option, please specify with photographer's staff when you check-in and pay for this optional fee at your Photo Day.
  • Parents of individual players whose teams did not have photos taken: You also have the mail delivery option for $12.  You will just note it on your order form and include the additional fee when you pay at your Photo Day.  DO NOT select this option if your team is having group photos!      

Photo Order Form and Payment Options

Click HERE for the Spring 2014 Photo Order Form (PDF format).  NOTE: tax is already included in the listed prices.  Print out the form, fill it in to the maximum extent possible, and bring with you to your Photo Day.  It is crucial that you fill out the form legibly and that you enter the correct name of your team; please check with your coach if you are unsure.  Forms will also be available at the Photo Days.  You will turn in your order form and make payment at your Photo Day by cash, credit card, or by check made payable to "KC Photo Productions."

For any questions or concerns, please contact Scott Jones, SCFC Photo Coordinator, at photocoord@spacecityfc.org.