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SCFC Volunteer Recognition 2013

Space City FC recognizes it's great volunteers! 
In addition to serving as recreational program coaches and competitive program team managers, SCFC depends on its volunteers to do everything from helping put nets on goals to serving on committees.

Through our SCFC-Dynamo Premium Partnership, we awarded four home game tickets to 25 winners whom you nominated for their outstanding service: 
Ray Allen, Ward Beecher, Michael Berdich, Craig Buchman, Hector de la O, Jesse Flores, Paul Garcia, Crytstal Haddock, Jeff Havens, Ann Kaltenbaugh, Jennifer Linton, John Madden, Darien Morgan, Carlos Robles-Sanchez, Shiela Rudolph, Nathan Rue, Gale Saley, Nancy Silva, Ralph Silva, Chris Sutherland, Freddie Swift, Jeff Todd, Thomas Viner, Shawn Vinson, Andy Williams.  Congratulations to these winners!

We thank you for the nominations and the kind words that you said about all of our nominees, some of whom were not eligible because they were not current volunteers or served on the Board of Directors.  Here are all the narratives, by nominee in alphabetical order:

Ray Allen 10U Adipur Allen Coach Ray has been a staple for the last 3 seasons since we joined this organization.  He has shown great qualities and is a great example for the boys on his team.  The kids love to play for him.  Knowing that his family let him put all this time for all of us, I think that not only does Coach Ray deserves to get the tickets for his wife and two kids deserve that too.  Thanks for all you do Coach Ray!
Amanda Bailey-Glaser Photography Coordinator Amanda stepped up to the plate and has done a great job coordinating all the photo logistics!  That's a big job.
Ward Beecher 02G White Ward is an excellent communicator with the parents and so really helps out!  He has been very positive with the players.
Michael Berdich 02G Blue He is always positive, spirited and the girls love and respect him.  Win or lose - he remained their #1 cheerleader!  He has stepped in when we were missing a coach!  He knows each and every girl's name and their parents.  We are so lucky to have him.  He deserves to be recognized in so many ways.
Michael Berdich 02G Blue He has been the pivot point for the U-11 Blue team.  He is prompt with all info, has made access to him super easy.  And the funnest thing of all...when we were actually winning 4-0, he looked like a kid in a candy factory.  He just kept saying, "go BLUE!".  He has been great!
Michael Berdich 02G Blue Mike stepped up and stepped into the role of 02G Blue TM.  He really cares for the kids and is helping them learn the game of soccer.  He is their biggest fan.
Michael Berdich 02G Blue He is the parent manager for the U11 Girls Blue team. He is always at the games and has a smile and positive attitude toward the girls and parents.
Michael Berdich 02G Blue Dedicated to keeping the team parents and kids in the know.  "Exceptionally POSITIVE"; I know there are a lot of other support personnel working other teams, however, when you are the go between things can get a bit challenging.  I think you would have a hard time finding anyone more likable; he is our team filter/cheerleader, before, during, and after the games.  Again the man is passionate, positive, punctual, committed and a friendly face. 
Craig Buchman U14B Craig has been a great help to our team.  Not only does he take care of all the emails, tournament information, uniforms and other misc. team stuff, he also helps at a lot of the practices.  He has been in this position for a while now by himself and he does a great job and doesn’t complain.  We are lucky to have him as our manager.
Bryan Carleton U10 Boys and PDF Boys Bryan works as the division director for U10 Boys in League City and also for PDF.  As a coach, I have never seen Bryan in a bad mood despite the large amount of responsibility he has for communicating and organizing a large number of boys in soccer and the stress that can go along with that.  He gives the coaches the support they need and keeps us well informed as to the direction of the club, it really makes our job as volunteer coaches a lot easier.  As a PDF parent, I feel the PDF website Bryan created was a simple but efficient way to communicate all of the game information for the league and helped keep all of our teams organized despite changing rosters and game locations.  Job well done..
Bryan Carleton PDF Boys My son played with the PDF  last year. In pool play, the rosters change often. Bryan Carleton kept us updated and organized. He worked tirelessly to make sure everyone knew where and when they were to play. As a family we would like to nominate him for volunteer of the year for his tireless efforts, his love of the game and the kids.
Hector De la O Tigers - U5 Coach Hector is an extremely generous man who has a passion for soccer and teaching little ones how to play.  He is the kind of person anyone would want their kids to be exposed to...fair, honest, kind, generous, and fun.  He wants the kids to do their best and to have fun doing it.  What a great combination!  He does all this while having a full-time job, wife attending school and 6 kids of his own, so you can imagine...spare time comes at a premium for him.  The beauty of it is, he never talks about it...he does it all with happiness and an attitude of gratitude.  He and his family are extraordinary people and deserve to be recognized as such.
Greg Etzel U10B FW Etzel Very patient with the kids and their interaction was always positive. Coach Kueck covered for Coach Etzel when he was not able to make it to the practices or games and when they were both there they worked hard to guide the kids. They made a very good coaching team!
Jesse Flores U10 Girls Power: Flores Jesse stepped up and coached our team when we had no coach last season, and this season he volunteered on his own. He has made a lot of sacrifices to be at practices despite a challenging work schedule.
Paul Garcia U8 SHAL Adi-Zero-CL Paul is an excellent player and he is an even better coach. He is not only able to break down and teach complex skills to 6-8 year olds but also motivate them to try their best. Each child is different and learns in their own unique way and different speed. Paul can individualize a practice for many players at once. Over the last two seasons the individual and team progress has been incredible. Over the years he had held many many coach positions. This is his third son to be involved with SCFC. The boys respect, love him and look forward to practice. Thank you for considering him for this honor.
Paul Garcia SCFC U8 Adi-Zero (Garcia/Varesic) Paul has put a lot of time and effort to keep these kids motivated and keep them playing even during off-season. Kids love him and I truly thank him for encouraging in my kid the love to soccer.
Paul Garcia Clear Lake U8 Boys As a parent, I have always been pleasantly surprised Paul Garcia’s dedication to coaching our kids. He is intent on developing the right skills for our kids. We are lucky to have him amongst us.
Dottie Greenshield Competitive Uniform Coordinator Dottie took on a huge responsibiity doing competitive uniforms and pays great attention to detail.  Really glad to have her volunteering for the club!
Dottie Greenshield 00 Boys I would like to nominate Dottie Greenshield for all the work she does for the 00 Boys.
Crystal Haddock U8G Spring Adi-Power Haddock In spite of recovering from an illness, she has stepped up to be the coach of this team when needed.  Thank you!
Jeff Havens U9-11 Girls I would like to nominate Jeff Havens as an outstanding volunteer. His enthusiasm for the sport was evident. I found him to be fair. He was competitive but it was evident though that he just wanted his players to 'play their best'!  He always took the time to let each player know what they had done well at each game while they were in tournament play.
Jeff Havens U10, PDF Jeff is prompt, professional and treats the players with respect.  Communications are timely and informative.  Jeff was warm and welcoming to my girls.  Jeff takes the time to communicate with the parents so that everyone knows what is going on and what to expect.  Couldn’t ask for a better parent volunteer.
Jeff Havens U10 Girls FW We nominate our coach, Jeff Havens, of SCFC Friendswood U-10 Girls, for tirelessly volunteering his time and energy to our girls.  He is a fantastic role model for the girls: he listens to them, encourages them, and teaches them all without ever dampening their spirits.  From him the girls have learned about good sportsmanship while keeping a competitive edge. After all, winning is fun, too!  As parents, we all appreciate him keeping us informed of every detail of the game, as well as listening to our concerns; not an easy task when dealing with so many different personalities.
Scott Jones U11 Girls Coordinator I would like to nominate Scott Jones to be recognized as one of our volunteers of the year.  Scott does an amazing job working with the U 11 age group and the club in general.  He is such a positive, organized volunteer.  We are so much better having him as a volunteer in our club.  Thank you Scott!
Scott Jones U11 Girls Coordinator Scott has got to spend an extraordinary amount of time coordinating communications and other activities for this very large pool of girls which is especially challenging because we parents are not always the most diligent and timely at doing our parts by providing requests for information, forms, payments, etc in a timely manner.
Ann Kaltenbaugh Rec Uniform Coordinator Ann has put in so much time over the years in so many capacities.  She doesn’t have a child in the Recreational Program but was kind enough to take on the Rec Uniform Coordinator position.  That is a lot of uniform kits she and family have packed up over the years!
Ron Kaltenbaugh 99G Assistant Coach This is Ron’s third child to play in SCFC competitive program and there’s not much he hasn’t seen.  He’s available to talk with parents, gives the trainer a different point of view during games and keeps parents on the sideline civil when the referee is receiving too much grief.  He’s also stepped in to do the Team Manager duties!
Darren King Operations Director Darren puts in so many hours for the club on so many different levels.  Folks don't realize how many hours he put in.  Take a look at our fields and you'll see the results!
John Kueck U10B FW Etzel Very patient with the kids and the interaction was always positive. Coach Kueck covered for Coach Etzel when he was not able to make it to the practices or games and when they were both there they worked hard to guide the kids. They made a very good coaching team!
Jennifer Linton Social Media Coordinator Jennifer has really helped us in this new position!  The number of people that "Like Us" in Facebook has really taken off.  She is keeping SCFC on the leading edge with her social media work. 
John Madden U10, PDF I would like to offer my utmost support for John Madden as an outstanding volunteer.  We were interested in finding a soccer club for our children.  John was the only person, from all the clubs that I contacted, who actually returned an email to let me know the soccer opportunities available with Space City.  He is constantly letting us know of registration dates, soccer camp opportunities, tournament opportunities, and of course when there are opportunities for the players to go and watch the Dynamo, the USA Women's soccer team or just about any other thing we need to know as a parent or as a parent of a soccer player.  Any time I have a question or a concern all I ever do is call him or send him an email.  He always takes time to talk with me and finds an answer to any question I may have.  His love for soccer is evident and he encourages/fosters a love for soccer in his players and parents.
John Madden U10, PDF John Madden is a GREAT volunteer.  He always has great ideas and asks the tough questions in the interest of improving SCFC.
Heather  Martin U4-U6 Committee Heather is terrific!  She is pleasant, cares about the kids, and will step in to help at so many levels!
Darien Morgan U4-U6 DD for CL Darien is also a recent addition to the U4-U6 committee, but she, too, volunteered to help at the end of the fall season.  She delivered photos to coaches in Clear Lake last fall and also picked up equipment at the season's end.  This spring she is serving as the point of contact for the Clear Lake region.  She created all the rosters, developed the practice schedule for all the coaches and picked up and delivered player uniforms and coach's shirts (even as late as 9:30pm!).  Her level of communication with the coaches is amazing.  With her help, the number of questions to the VP has decreased because she takes such good care of her region.  Thanks Darien!
Carlos Robles-Sanchez U14G Coach, Divsion 3 Carlos deserves to win.  He is so committed to working with our girls and is an excellent coach.  He has taken these girls to several competitive tournaments and goes beyond and above encouraging our soccer players.
Carlos Robles-Sanchez U14G Coach, Divsion 3 Carlos has volunteered his time and knowledge to a group of girls for over 7 years and has developed  both the players skill and passion for the game while doing so. He is the first to answer the call for volunteers on field day and the last to leave on those days. 
Carlos Robles-Sanchez U14G Coach, Divsion 3 Coach Carlos  is an outstanding Coach and role model for the Lightning Bolts.  He deserves to be recognized because he is an excellent coach teaching that to be successful on the field is a combination of physical and technical abilities but most importantly is that win or lose good sportsmanship is paramount.  This is refreshing! 
Shiela Rudolph U5 Coach, U4-U6 DD for FW In addition to coaching her 4 year old son's team which is a feat itself, Sheila has recently begun serving as the Division Director for the U4-U6 age group in Friendswood.  She has jumped right in by contacting coaches, delivering uniforms, answering questions, helping repair PUGG goals in addition to other duties of a division director.  She has also helped the U4-U6 VP with revising the field maps for the entire club and delivering flyers to daycares to help advertise our club.  She is always eager to help and in fact often says "just tell me what you need".  She is an asset to the club. 
Nathan Rue FW tier 3 team U10G Nathan agreed to coach this team even though his daughter is on the tier 1 team as they had no other volunteer.
Nathan Rue U9-11 Girls I would like to nominate Nathan Rue as an outstanding volunteer.  I appreciate the time he took to work with my daughter.  He is an upbeat coach and made her feel like she was the 'best' soccer player.  His enthusiasm for the sport was evident.  I found him to be fair.  He was competitive but it was evident though that he just wanted his players to 'play their best'!
Gale Saley 00G Red Gale is an excellent Team Manager.  She communicates all team information well.  She really cares about the girls on the team, and she cheers them on from the sidelines.  She assists the coach, as needed.  Gale is always prepared and always ready to help in any situation.  She is an important asset to our team!
Gale Saley 00G Red Gale is a terrific communicator and organizer, which are the two most important pre-requisites for a good team manager, in my opinion.  She is tireless in making sure that all logistics are taken care of prior to each game.  She's even willing to drive from home to home to make sure that everyone has uniforms, ID cards, and everything else prior to each game.  She is also a great listener, taking forward issues and complaints to the training staff in a respective and positive manner.  She makes being a parent of a 00G Red team player very easy, and I appreciate her efforts.
Gale Saley Publicity Coordinator Gale is fantastic as the club's Publicity Coordinator.  Through her efforts, SCFC has been able to place advertisements at a reasonable rate our non-profit needs.  And she always helps out on so many other events such as Spring Fling.
Nancy Silva U4-U6 DD for LC Nancy is a recent addition to the U4-U6 committee but even volunteered to help at the end of the fall season.  She delivered photos to coaches in League City last fall and began assisting this spring by serving as the point of contact for the League City region (LC has the greatest number of teams/players in the U4-U6 age group).  She created all the rosters, developed the practice schedule for all the coaches and picked up and delivered player uniforms and coach's shirts.  With the large number of teams in League City, it has really helped to have Nancy added to the committee!
Ralph Silva U5 Cheetahs Coach Silva is great with kids in addition to good with the soccer skills. We have been on his team by request because we really enjoy his rapport with the kids. He is patient and aware of the attention capabilities of a 4 and 5 year old child. The kids enjoy going to practice and games because he makes it fun for them.
Chris Sutherland 01G, 96G Premier Team Manager and Girls Competitive Team Head Manager Besides organizing volunteer activities for the Club (Field days, tournaments, etc), Christine mentors the younger team managers on how to operate in the youth soccer system.  She has personally answered 100’s of questions and she never make s me feel like they are too small.  She always has positive answers and helps me understand the reasoning behind the madness.  Thank you Christine, for all you do!
Chris Sutherland 01G Christine has mentored many young team managers!  And she has been such a big help on Spring Fling over the years!
Chris Sutherland 01G, Competitive Committee Chris serves on the Girls Competitive Committee and has daughters playing in both the U12 and U 17 pools. Chris also volunteers as the U-12 team manager. Chris works very hard to ensure that important information is passed along to all team members. Chris is dedicated to the goals and methods of the club and works hard to promote SCFC in the community.
Freddie Swift 95B Red I would like to nominate Freddie Swift for his outstanding devotion as team manager for the 95B Red soccer team.  He stepped up and has made this team into a true force to be reckoned with.  Freddie, along with Coach Armando, has brought this group of boys together and formed a successful team of young men who have grown athletically, as well as emotionally and mentally. He invited the team to his house several times for "team bonding" through FIFA tournaments and food.  He has also helped several of them pursue their dreams of playing in college by taking them to college showcase tournaments, helping them with their student resumes and assisting in their communication with college coaches.  Freddie's devotion to this team goes beyond pitching in for his son's soccer team to doing all he can do to make all the 95B Red boys become successful young athletes.  His devotion and caring is truly inspiring.
Jeff Todd U4 I thought Jeff did a wonderful job at our practice. He made sure all the kids were having a good time and was very understanding that these kids are only 3 and 4 years old. He encouraged the shy kids to join in and just made the whole soccer experience for the kids a positive and fun environment. 
Thomas Viner AdiZero U8 LC I'm voting for Thomas because he is excellent coach for the kids, he is always trying different technics, showing the kids moves, passes blocks etc... At the end of the games he always congratulates each of them for his great job, and he encouragement for do better.
Shawn Vinson U12 Girls Recreational – Vinson “The Thunder” Coach Shawn was very instrumental in helping us understand the ins and out of SCFC.  He was at every practice and game unless work kept him away and made sure everything in the background was taken care of.  It’s clear that he loves the team and wants to see them excel.  With his happy spirit, responsible attitude and humble leadership, I know the girls will continue to grow in skill as well as in their love for soccer.
Andy Williams 01G Andy really knows soccer having coached for many years.  But what he knows even better is that our young kids need a "way to go" from time to time!  He is very positive with the girls and has a great sense of humor with them.
Jana Williams 02G Red Jana is so organized and anticipates problems.  She does a great job communicating all the details to the parents!

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