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SCFC Parent Expectations and Responsibilities
Please help your team’s players, the coach and the other parents by observing the following: 
 1. ALWAYS encourage your kids; do it in a positive way. 

2. DO NOT talk negatively about players (yours or others) in front of the players or other parents. 

3. PLEASE have your player at practice and games ON TIME so that all players can start as a complete team. 

4. All fees MUST be paid when due or your child will not be allowed to practice and / or participate in games. 

5. PLEASE encourage your player to come to the Staff Coach or Manager to discuss anything they do not understand. 

6. PLEASE help as much as possible with volunteer activities, fundraisers, and sponsorship activities. 

7. ALWAYS look for the best in your player and his or her team. Accentuate the positive, not the negative. 

8. PLEASE remain on your designated half of the sideline across from your team. Do not run up and down the sidelines.

9. Let the players play and the Staff Coach and Manager do their jobs. 
Cheer your player and team, but DO NOT coach them. 

10. Leave the referees alone! There will be subjective calls in every game, both in our favor and in favor of the other team. Let the Staff Coach and Manager work with referees. 

11. There will be periodic times throughout the year where evaluations are requested of your Professional Staff and Team Managers. Strive to ensure that those evaluations don’t contain any surprises for either. COMMUNICATE! Concerns or complaints that are not addressed because they haven’t been communicated frustrate all of us. 

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