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Team Roster Size & Player Pool Concept

Teams in the U11 and U12 age groups play 8 v 8 format games. Team roster sizes will be less than or equal to 12 players. Teams in the U13-U16 age levels play 11 v 11; team roster sizes will be less than or equal to 18 players. Teams in the U16-U19 age levels play 11v11 with team roster sizes less than or equal to 22 players. 

The U11 thru U13 age groups at the D1 level have the ability to utilize the player pool concept, whereby players can be moved up or down within the division (i.e. between teams) during the season based on performance, level of commitment, and subject to the limits allowed by organizational rules. D2 players can be moved up to D1, but this is subject to league transfer rules. 

Additional information about the rules of the game can be found on the South Texas Youth Soccer Association website at 
Difference between Competitive and Recreational
SCFC provides programs for both recreational and, beginning with the U11s, competitive levels of play. The major difference between the two programs is that the recreational program relies on volunteer team coaches while the competitive program uses professional staff to conduct practices, skills training and game day coaching*. In addition, the competitive program has the following attributes: 

- Increased player and parent commitment as the program runs for a 
full year (August to June) as opposed to having separate Fall and Spring seasons; 
- Players often have multiple professional staff coaches in order to develop different skills and be exposed to different techniques, not a single parent coach as in recreational program; 
- In some divisions, use of the player pool concept in which players can move between teams; 
- A total of three nights of practices/training per week, with certain requirements for attendance that may affect game playing time; 
-Travel to away games increases beyond that of the SCFC operational area; and 
- Team participation in Houston regional tournaments or Texas regional tournaments, depending on the competitive division in which your child participates. Top teams in the club often travel to national events as well as have overseas opportunities over the summer. 
*The D2 program offers both a pro staff led and volunteer coach led option. Even with the volunteer coach-led teams, the professional staff helps to design the curriculum, oversee some practice sessions, and provide educational training for the volunteer coaches. 

Length of Season, Key Dates, Practices, and Games 

The Competitive Program officially begins training with the pre-season team camp. The price for this camp is included in the club fees and runs for four days typically starting early August. Training and games continue through mid-December and then break for the holidays. Training resumes in mid to late January and continues through May.

For U15-U18 teams, 
showcase tournaments may be a part of the curriculum during November – January; 

For D1, S2, and D2 players, there will be two mandatory practices per 
week. An individual skills training session, mandatory for D1 players and optional, but highly recommended, for S2 and D2 players, will also be conducted once a week. Days, times and locations are to be determined for each. Missed practices and skills training sessions can be made up. 

D1 and S2 teams will play in the EDDOA league. U11 to U14 games are typically played on Saturdays and the U15 and older teams typically play games on Sunday. Games will be played in Atascocita, Cypress, Houston, Katy, Sugarland, Tomball, and Waller; maximum travel time is approximately 90 minutes. 
D2 teams will play in the BAYSA league. D2 teams’ home games will be held at Centennial Park, League City Sportsplex and Dave Finkel (Dad’s) Fields in Clear Lake. Away games will be in the BAYSA region; maximum travel time is approximately 50 minutes. D2 travel is similar to what parents experienced with their U10 recreational program. 
Tournament opportunities within and beyond the Houston region will be available to D1 teams at various points in the season. Tournaments for D2 teams will be held in the Houston region. 
Competitive Program Philosophy
The Competitive Program, especially in the younger age groups (e.g. U11 and U12), emphasizes individual player development. Children develop at different rates. This is especially evident in the middle school ages. By emphasizing individual player development, the Professional Staff are able to present playing opportunities to players based on their own development rates. The SCFC Mission Statement reflects this emphasis on the individual player. 
In the competitive program, scores are kept and movement of teams between the various levels of the competitive program within EDDOA is based on a point system based off of wins / loses / ties and goals scored for and against. For U11/U12 age groups, play is in EDDOA, and the level of play is based on Directors subjective input. In the D2 level, in which teams compete in BAYSA format, in the Fall for playoff positioning, wins / losses / ties and goals scored for and against are used. This system is similar to what you may have experienced in a tournament with your recreational team. 
Competitive Divisions

The SCFC Competitive Program is broken down into five levels according 
to level of competition: Premier, State Classic League (SCL), Division 1 (D1), Super 2 (S2), and Division 2 (D2). SCFC teams playing at the Premier, State Classic League, and D1 levels are members of Eastern District Division One Association (EDDOA); S2 and D2 teams are members of BAYSA. 

Premier & SCL teams play within the most competitive division, followed by D1, S2, and D2. The more competitive divisions are designed for players with the highest current level of soccer skills. D1 is further broken down into tiers based upon skill level.  D2 is appropriate for those players interested in working towards the D1 level, but whose skills are not quite honed. At the D2 level, SCFC provides two options: a pro staff led teams and volunteer coach led teams. This affords parents flexibility in the cost, while still providing a quality program. 

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