For more information on each of the programs, please click on the program links:

Fall 2014 Registration Fee
(if registered by August 31st)

Cash Discount

Fall 2014 Late Registration Fee
(after June 30th)

U4 Program*




U5 and U6 Programs*




U8 SHAL Program (for U7s & U8s)*




U10 SHAL Program (for U9s & U10s)*




 SCFC Skills Development Program*  $ -  $

U11-U16 Recreational Program*




U9 and U10 SHALPlus Programs**@
$185 ^
U11-18 Competitive - D1 or S2 (Year)***# @ 
$1,700  $50 $1,650 ^
U11-18 Competitive - D2 Pro Staff (Year)***#@
$1,485  $50 $1,435 ^
 U11-18 Competitive - D2 Pro Staff (1/2 Yr)***#@
$740  $25 $715 ^ 
U11-18 Competitive - D2 Vol. (1/2 Yr)***#@
$540 $25 $515 ^
*Full payment of Recreational Program and Skills Development Program fees are due when you register online.
@You must register for the FREE tryouts for SHALPlus and Competitive programs. Click on the links above for more info.
**Full payment of SHALPlus Program fees are due when you accept a tryout offer and complete the registration process.
***Full payment, or initial installment payment for those on the payment plan, of Competitive Program fees are due when you accept a tryout offer and complete the registration process.  See the Competitive Program Player Payment Options for more information on payment options.  NOTE: Limited scholarships are available for Competitive Program fees; see scholarship application form.
#The Competitive fees above do not include player league fees, tournament fees, some or all of the pro staff travel beyond the first two in-state trips, and some additional uniform items, warm up, or backpacks.  
^Late fees are not applicable to the SHALPlus or Competitive programs.